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Hard Services

Hard services are ones which relate to the physical fabric of the building and cannot be removed. They ensure the safety and welfare of employees and generally are required by law.

Allticks provides Hard Services in an area where assessment of the initial requirement is key to successful delivery of a product functioning; Moreover, the wrong equipment or opting for the wrong contractor or partner can often result in substantial loss. We keep emphasis enough on how important it is to assess the risk on health, safety, welfare and fire arrangements in a building as a whole, not just in the area undergoing change to avoid any risk to the client or the business.

As a part of the process Allticks can ensure compliance with statutory and organisation regulations and work with you in partnership to meet your environmental objectives. Allticks also provide co-ordination of in house technical teams, nominated supply partners, sub-contractors, undertaking and management of performance, H&S and contractor audits, providing new works quotations .

Split/Package air- conditioners cleaning of filters, checking of wiring and plugs, testing of machine for proper operation and signs of wear & tear.

  • Operations & Maintenance of all installations.
  • Breakdown Maintenance.
  • Preventive / Predictive Management.
  • Co-ordination with contract agencies including third party contractors.
  • Statutory compliance.
  • Energy conversations.
  • 24/7 Support from our qualified technical team.
  • Implementation of EHS policy (Environment, Health & Safety Policy)